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Plumber - A plumber is a skilled tradesman who installs pipe, valves, fittings and fixtures for the distribution of drinking water, sanitary waste, storm water, natural gas and medical gases. They are responsible for layout, fabrication and installation of these systems utilizing Computer Aided Design (AutoCad) drawings and 3-D modeling software. The systems are installed in every industrial, commercial or residential facility in this country. Examples include healthcare facilities, research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, universities and primary education facilities. This program will result in the individual being issued a City of Cincinnati Plumbing license and a combination of the following licenses: State of Kentucky Plumbing license, State of Indiana Plumbing license, backflow testing, welding certification, and medical gas certification.


Pipe Fitter - A pipe fitter is a skilled craftsperson and certified welder who installs many varieties of piping systems. They layout, fabricate, and assemble pipes from drawings, blueprints, and specifications. They thoroughly test the piping systems for proper operation. Pipe fitters install and service sophisticated equipment, state-of-the-art controls and piping systems for power generation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and refrigeration, petroleum refinery, and chemical and petrochemical processing. They complete environmental control systems in schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, airports, malls, high-rise offices, and apartment buildings.


HVAC/R Service Technician - The HVAC/R Service Technician/Mechanical Equipment Service Person is a skilled craftsperson who installs, services, and repairs industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment according to blueprints and engineering specifications. They connect motors, compressors, temperature controls, humidity controls, and circulating-ventilating fans to control panels. The Service Technician is responsible for maintaining numerous pieces of equipment, diagnosing problems, and taking corrective action when necessary.



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